Important Information on Banding

Cinnamon Violet Hen
Cinnamon Violet Hen

One of the first things I tell people that are new to budgies is check bands when buying birds.

Knowing the importance of the information could possibly save a great deal of frustration on down the road.

First of all,  bands can be ordered from  – use this link – The Budgerigar Association of America forms page. Download the form, fill it in, send it as directed. If you have not ordered before there are specific instructions there on your cost as well as band code. It would be a good idea to go to the Band Code Library HERE   that way you can see what codes are taken already. The bands  will be sent out around the 1st of November each year.  November 1, 2022, those that ordered will receive their bands the bands will be for 2023 – (the year starts on or around November 1).

Band colors rotate every six years and the same schedule is used as the World Budgerigar Association. For the year 2023, the color will be navy blue . Band colors were as follows


Pantone Code



Year Year


1797 U

3002 2018 2024



8005 2019 2025

Dark Green



6026 2020 2026


249 U

4008 2021 2027

Dark Brown


8003 2022 2028

Dark Blue

301 U

5019 2023 2029

Reading the band – First, you will have a unique band code. In this case, Birds Budgies is ALB next will be the number of the bird. You can start at 1, 001 or 300 if you like it’s your choice. Last will be the year sideways as in 22 and it will also say BAA if it is a BAA ordered band.  For a 2023 – ALB – 901-23 in dark blue – would mean Birds Budgies, bird 901(in this case I am starting at  901  this year) and then last #  is the year.

Why am I going through this so carefully? Because as a beginner buying birds this becomes very important.

Budgies do not have long productive lives, especially hens. If you are out buying birds. pay attention. You really do not want to buy any hens that are older than two years. If the price is really good maybe a three-year-old hen, but to be safe, keep the birds young and if you can buy the ones that are just turning a year old.

Cocks will produce longer, getting a three-year-old cock can work out alright. I have gotten a few birds even older, but with every passing year the chances of them producing young diminishes.

Keep the colors in mind when buying birds, check the band and codes. Good luck with your Budgies!

April Bird-Stieglitz ©09/17/2022