Budgie Breeding Room Setup

Here are a few shots of the new small breeding room and the old breeding room setup. Just to show what can be done on a limited budget.

The Aviary Room is made up of panels of welded wire and wood. The welded wire is 1″ by 1/2 ” mounted on 2″x2″ wood. I stretch the wire and use a pneumatic crown stapler to staple the wire onto the wood. Panels are cross braced at the corners and most have a middle brace. I buy the wire in sections of 30″, 4 ‘, and 6’.  They are all cut to 6′ tall. These are the size that I am able to handle. The panels are screwed together with deck screws and can be unscrewed and moved into different configurations. I used the 30″ panels for the door panels originally. Because I am shorter, I make the doorways 5′ tall and 2′ wide  inside of a 30″ panel. The doors have return springs and open to the inside of each aviary. There is a safety area. Also, because this is a converted garage and I leave the door open for air (one piece swing up) I built a screen panel that is 9′ wide and 7′ tall to fit over the door when open. Allows plenty of fresh air and if a bird gets past the safety or out of the breeding room, they cannot escape to the great outdoors.


An update ! Once again I am looking to improve my aviary. It seems like every year I have reconfigured my bird room.

I have four flights that are 30″ wide by 9 ft long in a row, it allows for visitors to view the entire flight from the end and get a good look at the birds. It allows me to see every bird at a glance when checking on them. They have a mid door that connects so that I can walk through from one to the other making it convenient when watering, feeding, checking birds.

When somehow the door between pops, they cannot get out but then I have to catch birds and re-sort. I do not separate the males from the females. I do separate the young stock from the older birds. I have one flight designated for sale birds. In that flight I have a year round resident in the form of a cobalt cock that is completely blind. He flies, he eats he plays and does very well. I do not want to move him, he has a long term girlfriend in the form of an older female past production and they are happy.

I have added a wall of shelves that house up to 20 breeding cages.  I also added in a nice laundry sink, running water is so nice to have in the room. I have the entire breeding operation in that room now, instead of spread out over two rooms.

What was once my garage also has a chest freezer, three flights on wheels – two for babies and one designated hospital cage. Hanging storage for traveling crates ,show cages etc above . Hopefully,  I can put some pictures up soon .



April Bird-Stieglitz©09/17/2022