Available Birds

Available Birds

Currently I do have birds for sale, there are limitations though. ****

Due to schedule and weather it looks like there are only one or two open days. That would be Wed May 3 and Thursday May 4. Due to schedule constraints if you have a bird shipped it may have to have a longer layover.  If you are close enough to drive that is fine  click the link – Contact Us  and I will reply as soon as I am able. 

I have no hand fed nor hand tamed birds. Budgies are very easily tamed, especially at weaning time. Yes, I do sell them to pet owners as well. If you spend a little time with them, they will become tame and learn to talk. They need interaction with humans to do so. 

I have a very limited supply of hens currently . With hens there is no guarantee that they will produce no matter what age, I will state if they have had clutches or not. I do not sell unhealthy birds or birds that are far too old to produce. 



 If you are interested in finding a bird, use the Contact Us form page fill it in with your name, number, email, and what you are looking for. Description would be pet bird, breeding bird, pairs.  Limiting to that, remember this is a hobby for me and I do not sell my best birds and I only have for sale what I cannot use in my program. I do not actually raise the birds just to sell. 

Birds come with pedigree information, if they have produced, that information will be available too. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us off the here 

Thank you for looking at the birds. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions regarding care or feeding of your own birds I welcome them. I am not a vet nor qualified to diagnose ailments in birds. If your bird is ill please put them in a hospital cage and contact your local avian vet. 



***The birds that are for sale are banded JJL and the band belongs to my partners in birds  Joel and Jackie Lippe of  Tucson. Most of these birds have one parent or both that are from my aviary. The bloodlines they carry crosses well on my birds. I have these birds in my aviary.  They are excellent birds, healthy and raised right. Their first year showing they got 3rd Best Novice at the Grand National and 9th Best Novice as well as winning several CC awards at Grand National.