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Exhibition Budgies in Aviary
Exhibition Budgies in Aviary

Birds For Sale

There are only a couple days that birds can be shipped as of today . I am making one trip to the airport this week at the most two . If you are looking for birds this year fill out the form here –CONTACT US!!!


Offering a few select Champion bred Exhibition Budgies for  Sale. 

How much do the birds cost?

On the Available Birds page you will find each image contains the year, sex and price. Price is firm.

Once you have chosen the bird(s) you want please contact me via the CONTACT US!!! and I will give you instructions on payment.

The birds mostly start at $100 and go up from there. They  come complete with pedigree, if you want advice on breeding them I am happy to help. I will be posting the pictures, along with band numbers and age. The birds offered will be 2921,2022, 2023   nothing older. Most of them have never been bred, I will let you know if they have had offspring. These are exhibition Budgies my goal is to raise large healthy, well feathered pretty birds.

What we provide

I ship via Delta Cargo, they handle with care and are easy to work with. Birds can be shipped to all states including Hawaii, they do however have strict import rules, having to be vetted and certificates, however, we have a great vet here and they all have passed with compliments.

I will make the arrangements for shipping. Cost of shipping is $225, includes custom crate, transportation to airport, insurance and airfare. The total bill will be birds plus the shipping cost.

On shipping day I will text you from Delta Cargo as soon as they are accepted  as well as a photo shot of the crate and birds. I would appreciate you contact me when you get the birds to make sure everything is okay.

What cannot be done-

Birds cannot  be shipped if its above 80 degrees on takeoff or landing. For those living in the Northern states it must be above 20 degrees on landing . Meaning here in Arizona, shipping must be done before mid June and then I pick up again in Mid September .

About Hand-fed or “tame budgies”

I do not  hand feed any of the babies. They do better-being parent raised. they get a better diet and from what I  have seen hand raising stunts their growth. From what I have seen it does not make them any better pets. It is the handling of them as youngsters that makes them tame.

Wings are not clipped, these are Exhibition birds, they grow up in large flights, and need their wings. After the babies fledge, are doing well on their own, weaned and strong they are moved to the outdoor flight that is 20 ft long. This helps them develop strength, growth, and vitality.

However, if you want a tame one pick a male that is young, and once his wings are clipped, the attitude changes. Males by nature seem calmer and accept people better. Not to say the hens won’t tame. If you are looking at pets, and want two I recommend two males, they are flock birds and get along well. Quality wise I do not call them pet quality and breeding quality, what I sell to people are all from show stock, They are big pretty healthy birds.

Available bird are listed Available Birds

Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you!

April Bird-Stieglitz©04/30/2023