Weaning Baby Budgies

I generally don’t wean the babies until they are going in and out of the nest box and eating well on their own. However, there are times when it is necessary to get them out of the cage.

Weaning Baby Budgies
Baby budgie first day weaning

If you have a hen that has gone back in and is laying eggs, the weanlings could be in danger. Once a hen starts laying eggs again, and her babies are spending more time out of the nest, she views them as intruders (not every hen) and a danger to her unhatched eggs. Anyone that has raised budgies for a few years has no doubt had a hen that turned on her babies and possibly killed one or more.

If your hen is not laying but is not friendly or you are worried, you can take her out and let the cock finish feeding the babies out. I have not had a cock turn on its babies, but I have heard that it can happen. You have to be paying attention to how they are acting. Know your birds, know their habits. I will make notes so that the next season or the next clutch I have a reminder.

When I wean the babies I use a flight cage on wheels. I check on them to make sure they are eating and drinking. There are toys in there for them to play with and keep them busy. Sometimes I will put an older bird in with them to keep them company .

Once they are eating well, if it is warm enough I will move them to the outdoor baby flight, its 6ft by 10ft and six ft high. If its still too cold at night, they get moved to one of the indoor flights until its warmer. Getting them outside makes for healthier sturdier birds, they develop strength and size.

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