Exhibition Budgies for sale and the Reference Library

Birds for Sale and the Reference library are two things that I have gotten far behind in. I promise

myself I will get it done and time just slips away.

On the Exhibition Budgies (or birds for sale) I have not had any up for sale this year.  After the Grand National five birds went to Hawaii with one of my favorite clients, as I had promised  him first pick this year. Other than that the birds have stayed here. Breeding season got off to a slow start in 21 and the birds are still so young I have not sorted many out. Most are less than six months old at this point. I do not like to sell them much before a year. A good deal of growth, feathering and maturity show up in that last six months. I am slowly going through them and as soon as they become available they will be posted with pictures, prices and payment links. Everyone that has inquired will be contacted. I warn you ahead there will not be an abundance of birds available – production was also low last year.

Reference library

I have been keeping a book of sorts of questions that have been asked about breeding and raising Exhibition Budgies. My goal is to continue to add to the Library as time goes on. If you have a particular question- use the contact form HERE  and I will get back to you. I am not the worlds expert on Breeding Budgies, Raising Budgies or showing budgies. I have methods that I use and they work for me – and I am here to help if I can . To take a look and see what is in the library go Here

Best wishes for 2022

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