MIK 6 a Tribute

MIK 6 13
MIK 6 13

I stood in the aviary this morning looking down, tears in my eyes. On the floor of the aviary was a dead budgie, not just any budgie, but MIK 6  the little hen that made me a Champion breeder, the hen whose blood flows through the veins of 80% of my aviary. This is a  look back

It was May of 2014, I was standing in front of a cage of Budgies at the Phoenix Bird Mart. I couldn’t make up my mind. Truthfully, I had no idea at the time which bird was better than the other or why.

I looked at Mick, and said really anyone of these? Yes. “Can you please pick one for me? I have no idea which one to choose.”

Mick(McCown) reached in and said how about this Cobalt hen she’s a 2013 was not bred this year. Looking back, having the “knowledge” I have now, I might have passed her by. She was after all a cull. She wasn’t big , she had a small head, but she was pretty and she was going to help me get my start in the hobby. I said sure, he caught her put her in my carry cage and so it began.

This is the story of a little hen upon which I built my entire aviary. In her lifetime she produced 38 babies for me.
Her offspring  included two different Best Rare in Show winners, two different Best Rare Opposite Sex winners, a Best Young in Show, several Best Opposite Sex in the Novice and Intermediate Divisions, a two time Best Intermediate Bird, two different birds on the top bench and many CC winners. Carrying forward, her daughters and sons have produced Two different Best Young in Show, a Best Young Opposite Sex in Show and again many CC winners.

She was also the hen that produced my Anthracites, the prettiest colored birds I have ever had the privilege to raise and own. She had five altogether, I have shown four all have won awards, Best Rare, Best Rare Opposite Sex, Best Young Rare, Best Intermediate, Best Hen in Intermediate (ABS), Best Opposite Sex Intermediate, and so on.

She was an easy hen to keep, bred easily, took great care of her babies and generally was just a nice hen. I will miss her greatly. I am glad to have her daughters and sons to carry on her legacy.

There is another point to all this. MIK 6 was not a big fancy buff hen with a ton of directional feather; she was on the small side, definitely small headed. She was feminine, pretty, she stood well, and she had a long mask no flecking on her head and a great cobalt color. She also had Mick McCowns breeding program behind her.

Was she a hen that you would pick to go to a show? Not. As I said earlier, if I had known more, I might have passed her by. Why ? Because she was not a big fancy hen. She didn’t need to be, she was a producer.

So next time you are out looking for breeding pairs, think twice before you pass that pretty small hen by, you could miss a hen that might put you on the top of the hobby.

Rest in Peace MIK 6 and Thank You for building an aviary for me. Also, Thank you to Mick McCown for breeding such a great hen and giving her to me as a gift, your generosity and kindness are not forgotten.

April Bird-Stieglitz©11/29/19