2020 Breeding Season

Dad and babies

The 2020 breeding season is here. I knew it was coming, the birds told me so. They are loud, scrappy and in perfect condition. However, this year I am not ready.

I decided to remodel my bird room, at the last possible minute. It has turned into a much bigger project than expected. A major overhaul. Gone are the big flights and the breeding set up from last year.

Because the flights are built-in panels, they can be taken apart and reconfigured. Easier said than done. Each panel is attached with no less than 3 screws on each side and three on top. Panels are either 30″ by six ft, 4ft by six ft, or six ft by six ft. Taking them down is not so bad. It’s putting it back and making sure the right pieces and sizes fit together.

This time the flight and breeding room will be together. There are now four finished flights each three ft wide by nine ft long by six feet high. There are mid doors run through from flight to flight from the first to the last. That makes each flight the safety for the next. The first one has hanging plastic in the doorway to keep the birds in. It works so far.

The plan is to have five stacks of cages four high, equaling 20 breeding cages. That I am in the process of building now. I left room for the baby weaning cages on wheels and a double-decker that serves as a holding cage and hospital when needed. I am also adding a utility sink, which will be great for filling water and washing bird dishes.

I am hoping to finish this in the next two weeks and be able to pair up the birds soon. Time is ticking away. Pictures to follow when finished.