Anthracite Hen Best Rare

Saturday May 25. 2019 Sun Lakes , Arizona Budgerigar Society Show.

2017 Anthracite Hen was Best Rare in show. It is an honor when any bird wins an award at a show. Having a hen win a “Best” is doubly exciting.

Saturday I brought this hen, her sister and another rare – a ten week old Grey Frosted pied hen. This hen was first, her sister third and the young frosted hen as Best Young Rare. All three showed well.

I cannot say enough good things about these three hens. I love the coloring of the anthracites and the frosted is unique. Although I am do not consider self a breeder of rare birds, I can see where folks find breeding the rare budgies exciting.

For that matter breeding budgies is exciting and challenging. Check out your local club, find breeders in your area that can help you, I have found it an interesting and educational journey.

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