Budgie Breeding Season 2019

I finally got 23 pairs set up for breeding only changing out a couple pairs. One pair the cock refused to get out of the nest box, wouldn’t let the hen in. I tried locking them out of the box for a bit but he repeated the same behavior as soon as I opened the box. He needs a more aggressive hen. The other pair the hen was not doing well,  she was traded out for a younger hen which seems to be working better. Now after a few weeks the hens are finally going in the box and there are piles of shavings outside the boxes. Time to put more shavings in. That is a good thing!

Adult Budgies waiting for Pairing
Adult Budgies waiting for Pairing

Meantime, there were all these birds still sitting idle in the aviary and it seems such a waste. I decided last week to add onto the breeding area, or rather add a new small room in that will house 9 pair.

That involved emptying out a flight, moving four walls, the ladder perches, building shelves, more nest boxes, and perches. Being a DIY out of necessity it just takes a bit longer to do everything. At the end of breeding season all the cages will be broken down, folded up, boxes cleaned and stored, perches cleaned and stored til next year. Set up and tear down is a ton of work. All with the hopes of having a great breeding season.

I had so many calls for violets this year, I decided to pair some birds to produce violets. Contrary to popular belief. I do not get these brilliant violets by breeding violet to violet. Most come from cobalt to cobalt, occasionally violet to cobalt, cobalt to sky and finally even green to green. That is correct some of the prettiest violets I have ever seen come from the green crosses. I believe the green brings out more brilliance in the violets. If you are interested in violets, use the Contact Us page leave your information, and I will add you to the list. As soon as I start weaning babies I will contact those on the list in order, if you are interested in Violets.

Meantime, still finishing up new addition check out Budgie Breeding Room in the Reference Library.

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