Budgies Never A Dull Moment

Anthracite Hen Best Opposite Intermediate Chandler 2018
Anthracite Hen Best Opposite Intermediate Chandler 2018

2018 has been an interesting year, with Budgies there is never a dull moment. 2017 was a banner year for babies, producing right at 200 banded babies. 2018 was the first bad breeding season I have encountered. Banding just under fifty babies, and having only about fifty percent of those survive, was a bit disheartening.

The lack of success in the breeding room was offset by the show season, as well as the record number of birds sold around the country.

I moved from intermediate to Champion breeder. The bird responsible for that made the Top Ten Best in Show all three times he was shown, Twice he was Best Intermediate, Once Best Rare in Show and placings of 7th Best in Show, 3rd Best in Show and 10th Best in Show.

I have had more people asking to purchase birds than I had birds to sell. (Amazing) Repeat customers and very happy first-time buyers. What has been very refreshing is the fact that many of these are first-time Budgie people looking to participate in the Hobby. This is very exciting.

Birds with the ALB band have been shipped to Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Utah, Hawaii, Virginia, Arizona, California, and Nevada so far. I am Thankful to each and every person that has gotten birds from me this year.

A Special Thank you to Jim McGarr, Dawn Munnday, Brittney Panzone, Rene Gomez, Rebecca Eyke, Eric Anderson, Mike Micallef, Brenda Moening, Craig Garcia, Joe Downs, Mick McCown, Ingrid Fischer, Stephen Fowler, Sugar Kirk and Patty Fairchild for purchasing birds. If you were left off the list my sincerest apologies, I do appreciate each and every one of you; I wish you the best with your breeding program and your continued success with the birds.

Once again it is time for pairing the birds in preparation for breeding season. This year will be much better. Here is wishing each and every person in the hobby their best breeding season ever.

April Bird-Stieglitz ©10/7/18



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  1. I forgot to tell you the type of bird I’m looking for. I would like a male, sky blue/white spangle if possible. That is not set in stone— I would like to see any birds you have for sale.

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