2017 Busy Year!

Violet Normal cock bird
The Violet, the “original ” violet.

So much for posting often. It’s been a crazy busy year, actually since the start of breeding season last November.

This the third year breeding Budgies, a total of 198 babies were banded. Just keeping up with checking and banding, cleaning, feeding and all the normal daily stuff, is really a full time job.

My Violet came through for me in a nice way, his first two young hens were Best Young Opposite Sex Intermediate at Chandler (sky hen ) under Rick Speir and Beat Young Opposite Sex in Show (Mauve) as well as Best Young Opposite Sex Intermediate (Mauve) at Mesa Under Julie Willis.

His full brother a Cobalt fathered the Best Intermediate (Cinnamon Gray) Best Young Intermediate and Best Young in Show under Julie Willis. Rick Speir placed a gray cock as 2nd Intermediate and Best Young Intermediate (full brother to Cinnamon Gray) the day before.

A total of 198 babies were banded this past season. These were not all exhibition birds as there was what was called the “Pet Project” a good number bred for pretty colors to go to the pet industry they were hand fed out and sold at the Arizona Bird Store in Mesa. So popular that they were mostly sold before they were even weaned .

Older birds and babies have gone to new homes in Las Vegas, Nevada, Watsonville, California, as well as  Camp Verde, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona.

It has been a good year. Hopefully, from here on out plans are to post more often., add to the gallery and get a resource library going.

Byos, Byo Intermediate Chandler.
Byos, Byo Intermediate Chandler.
BYIS, BYOS Chandler
BYIS, BYOS Chandler


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