We have eggs!

There are a dozen pairs set up currently, just for starting the breeding season.

We are at 50%, six of the pairs have at least one egg in the nest box, one older hen has two eggs. It’s far too early to tell if they are fertile yet. Just happy about the eggs.

Two of the pairs that have an egg have not been set up before, One is a hen that is five years old, so I find this encouraging. Now we are back to the waiting game. …

Violet budgie
Violet Cock one of the Pairs with an egg.


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  1. I am looking for an exhibition quality English budgie. I prefer a male white/violet or white/ blue but will consider others also. I have had parrots since childhood. I have two new cages ready and waiting for my new baby. Please let me know what you have available.
    Thank you,
    Barbara Hong

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