Every Day is like Christmas

English Budgie Hen
In condition, ready for Breeding Season.

Somehow to me, when breeding season rolls around, every day is like Christmas. As I said before, it is a waiting game.

The way the bird room is set up, there is a a two step ladder enables me see into the upper nest boxes.  All the nest boxes open from the back with a  slider of some sort.

Each morning I step up with my little flashlight-candler, slide open each box, and starting this morning, I discovered the first egg of the season. That makes it sort of like Christmas, it is like opening a package every morning, it is fun, exciting and brings hope! Now within a few days, I will be able to check the eggs to see which ones are the “pink” ones as I call the fertile eggs.

After that, once the date comes around, I check for babies, which of course is like opening yet another package. So it is like Christmas everyday. It is why the waiting game is not bad at all.

It has taught me patience, eggs hatch when ready ..

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