The Waiting Game

The waiting game. I think I spend more time “waiting ” in this hobby than anything. First I set up the pairs, then I wait to see if I they get along. Once the hen is going in and out of the nest-box, I wait to see if there are eggs.

Once the eggs are in there then we have to wait to see if the  eggs are fertile. Once you have a few fertile ones , first you heave a sign of relief and then you start waiting for them to hatch. Once hatched we have to wait til they are near weaning to see what we have .

Once they are weaned we then have to wait for them to mature to see if they are going to be keepers or sale birds. It’s waiting, waiting , waiting.  if you are going to breed birds you need to be patient.

Right now I am in the stage of waiting to see if they are going to get along and lay some eggs.

picture of full brother and sister.

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