Breeding Season – Pairing Your Birds

English Buggies in pairs
English Budgies , Pairing your Birds.

Breeding season has arrived with the cooling of the weather here in Arizona. The cocks are all puffed up and strutting around, the hens are chewing all the wood they can get their beaks on. It is time to choose the pairs, something I look forward to and dread at the same time.

I spend hours in the aviaries looking at the birds, watching them, comparing them. I have a hard enough time making decisions, let alone deciding which birds compliment each other.

This is my third breeding season, my third year in the hobby.  I have learned a great deal, summing that up, it means I have learned how much I have yet to learn.

So here I am looking at feathering, masks, markings, size, comparing and trying to decide. I take pictures, to look at, I procrastinate, moving slowly setting up the breeding cages This is the first year in my new birdroom and I had to move everything and see how it fits. It took me forever.

Finally, I can put it off no longer, I have my kit for feather trimming, my nail clippers and my “book” to track everyone.I grab the net and head into the aviary that houses the adult birds.

I have planned to first pull a dozen of the best cocks (decisions again) then match up the hens. After months of planning, I change my mind on several. I finally have my first twelve pair up. I am pleased I got it done. I pack it in for the day , head for bed. Where I cannot sleep. I am now second guessing every decision I made. I am thinking of moving birds.

Two days later, I am sure I am really wrong on some, but the hens are already in the nest box.

I am wondering about the decisions I made, why I made those. I am no expert for sure, we are all looking to breed that super bird.I have more pairs to set up. I start rethinking my choices and so it goes.

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