Available Birds

Available Birds


Birds on this page are available for purchase.   Each bird is listed by year, then price. Hover over the bird and it will give you information, click on the picture and it will give you a full page view.

 If you are interested in a bird, use the Contact Us form page fill it in with your name, number, email, the bird(s) you are interested in by description and year. I  will reply as quickly as possible, letting you know if the bird(s)  still available and how to put a deposit on them and how to arrange shipping. Birds will be removed from the list or marked as sold as soon as a verified deposit is received, not until. Prices are firm, not open to offers.

Birds come with pedigree information, if they have produced, that information will be available too. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us off the here or email at  info@birdsbudgies.com

Thank you for looking at the birds.


Available Birds Information

  1. sold
  2. ALB 425 19, 426 19, 453 19 — Three full brothers almost identical. Their father is a full brother to the mother of ALB 421 19 (see below) and their mother is from my dominant pied line, one of three full sisters that have been tremendous producers. $100
  3. ALB 421 19 —He is a nice long bird, with Bill Mitton’s line crossed back to a hen I showed that CC as an Opaline (Green) $125
  4. ALB 337 19 — A nice big bird his mother is a Dominant pied and a full sister to the mother of the three green birds listed. His father is a grey-green $125