2019 Budgie Breeding Season continues

2019 English(Exhibition) Budgie Fledglings
2019 English(Exhibition) Budgie Fledglings

It is a new year, with new hopes, new dreams, new expectations, or maybe a continuation of the same hopes, dreams, and expectations of last year. The two young Budgies that just fledged today represent all of that and more. Every year we hope for that special one, we dream about the bird that will be the best one. Or at least I do. Will either of these be that spectacular bird? Most likely no, but I am very pleased with both of them as well as their five other siblings. Mom raised four, and then three were fostered out. She is back in the nest box again hopefully producing more just like these. This time of year is exciting, time to see if the pairs we pick are good choices or not. Best to everyone !

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    1. Please call me. I use to be a breeder and now interested in your birds.

      Please call me at 815-679-6001 so we can talk.

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